Perfect for any organisation

INKWRX is perfect for any type of business or organisation. Multi-national, global or local – all users see immediate benefits.

“We are using the INKWRX system with digital pens for
Property service & maintenance field engineers, primarily in order to speed up the whole process of paperwork turnaround. So far the system is working very well and can only improve as time goes on by possibly eventually converting to the tablet system.”

Simon Baber, Labour & Contracts Controller at MFN Group
Facilities Management

“Providing digital pens on INKWRX to all of our mobile engineers has significantly improved our ability to quickly send compliance paperwork onto our clients. They have also made it possible to receive our engineer’s worksheets and Risk Assessments back in the office just minutes after the job has been completed, meaning we can invoice the client sooner and therefore improving our cashflow.”

Neil Bowran, Operations Director at HFL Building Solutions

“We use the digital pen with INKWRX, we have been using this equipment for around 2 years and have found it to be reliable and time saving as we can have a copy of the engineers works sheet back in the office for processing in real time. We also use a third party software that recognises e-mails from INKWRX™, prints the worksheets out automatically and saves a copy on our server.”

Neil Hughes, Trident Fire Systems
Security & Fire Protection

“We are using the INKWRX platform with both digital pens and tablet devices. It gives us complete control of our form designs, so we can make them as user friendly for our team as possible, therefore reducing the time it takes to capture the relevant data. Data is captured instantly by training officers working out in the field; this data is received by our team at Head Office in real time and can be processed before the paper copies have even been posted by the training officer.”

Arwyn Watkins, Managing Director at Cambrian Training

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