Go Paperless with INKWRX

Understanding our Data Collection Form and Data Collection App

Want your business to go paperless or paper-lite? Are you stressed by the number of paperwork delays and time wasted in journeys to the office because you haven’t gone digital? Or perhaps you’re just overwhelmed and have no idea how to organise all the papers in your office? We’ve got the right solution for you with our Data Collection Form and Data Collection App. Learn more about our Data Collection Tools below.

The INKWRX platform allows you to easily convert your existing business forms, allowing your workforce to efficiently complete paperwork using a mobile phone, tablet, or a digital pen. It gives you total control over the in house design of your digital data collection forms, to manage captured data, and build custom workflows that integrate with your current systems.

What is a Digital Collection Form?

The first thing you need to do is to set up your data collection form. This is a self-generated form that your users write up, so you can collect their data.

The first step involves choosing some basic preferences such as size and data upload device. You then configure the workflow for viewing or reviewing data transactions from the said data collection form, nominate the recipient, and choose from e-mail, FTP, or a web program to communicate the data.

The next step is validation. You need to validate your mobile data collection forms to ensure correct element spacing and workflow requirements to create a seamless collection experience.

Like with any other system, make sure you test your form and evaluate it, then you’re all set. You can publish the forms and go live to start gathering your data.

How Does It Work?

Our web-based digital data capture form allows businesses to capture important business information effortlessly by using data collection tools such as your mobile phone, tablet, or digital pen and paper.

The user simply inputs the data on their data collection tools through the day, then the data capture form sends that data to the system in real time, allowing others to easily access them as well.

The INKWRX digital pen and paper are equally seamless. Your self-generated data capture form is instantly sent via pairing a digital pen with your mobile device to the data collection app that’s easily available on your data collection tools.

Using the data capture form saves you time in comparison to if you were to use traditional data capture methods such as pen and paper.

How Can the Data Collection App Benefit Your Business?

These paperless forms can be accessed easily through our app and they increase accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. There are a few other ways that INKWRX can benefit your business.

The forms reduce your budget as they eliminates postage, data input, assessing costs, and improve the accuracy of data. When manually collecting data, you are more susceptible to making mistakes and losing data/records. We tackle this through our data collection app.

It also saves you time. Using an app vs paper reduces data capture and input time from an average of 10 days to 10 minutes. It can drastically improve your customer service and reduce disputes, as well as enable faster invoicing and payment.

You’re helping the environment, too! As it reduces or eliminates the need for paper, it not only benefits your business but also saves trees. Additionally, as it reduces transport or postage costs, it also cuts carbon emissions. Another bonus is it can help your organisation meet your CSR goals through this!

Get Started

Inkwrx just has one plan and one price, which is 50p per user per day. The plan includes unlimited forms, unlimited form sending and free support.

Get started by downloading the INKWRX app on Android or iOS today!