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INKWRX™ is the quick and simple way to create mobile forms for data capture with either a phone, tablet or with a digital pen.

Enable your administrators to manage every aspect of your application from the comfort of their browser including users, devices, forms and captured data.

Key benefits at a glance
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use program interface
  • Rapidly create user accounts with individual access permissions based on job roles
  • Build your mobile forms in your browser
  • Publish your apps to your field workers in seconds
  • Capture data quickly on iOS, Android and Windows devices or with the digital pen
  • Receive forms from the field in real-time
  • Collect converted data in a number of formats including, xml and csv
  • View and edit collected data ensuring information is accurate and correct


INKWRX is... Intuitive form design

  • INKWRX-Form Design Screen-1

  • INKWRX-Form Design Screen-2

  • INKWRX-Form Design Screen-3

  • Tools

    Familiar tools making form design easy.Use preloaded examples of; ISO, tick boxes and your own uploaded images / logos or graphics.

    Drag & Drop

    Drag and DropSimple drag and drop interface, makes form design quick and flexible to create and make adjustments.

  • INKWRX-Form-Tablet App


We’ve made form creation really easy – if you can use Microsoft Office, you’ll have no problem creating, styling and publishing new forms.

Choose from graphical or converted data elements when designing your forms – or combine both on the same form.

When you’ve created your form, you can test and then publish it to phone, tablet or Digital Paper – making it available for your registered users.

7 simple steps to creating mobile forms with INKWRX

1. Create:
Create a new form by choosing some basic preferences such as page size and data upload device.

2. Design:
Start with a blank page then add ISO, tick boxes or radio buttons to gather the data required by the mobile application. Use graphic elements and text to give the mobile form an identity and provide instruction on its completion. For use with digital pens, add a pidget to initiate the upload of captured data via mobile or PC.

3. Workflow:
Configure the workflow for viewing or reviewing form data transactions. Nominate the recipient and choose from email, FTP or a web program to communicate the data.

4. Validate:
Validate your mobile forms to ensure correct element spacing, and workflow requirements.

5. Publish to Test:
Publish the mobile forms for testing then print capture-ready copies directly from your desktop printer or tablet to test the application.

6. Test:
Test and evaluate the mobile form, making amendments as required.

7. Publish Live:
Publish the forms and go live to start gathering data.


INKWRX is... for mobile, tablet or digital pen

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  • INKWRX-Digital Data Capture-2

  • INKWRX-Digital Data Capture-3

  • INKWRX-Digital Data Capture-4

  • INKWRX-Digital Data Capture-5

  • INKWRX-Digital Data Capture-6


INKWRX is a unique single solution that enables you to publish your business forms for mobile devices or for use with the digital pen.

The IW App provides a really easy platform for users to complete, save and send business forms – linking seamlessly with your back-office systems.

INKWRX digital pen and paper, based on Anoto technology, is equally seamless. Using your self generated digitised paper, forms and data are instantly sent via pairing a digital pen with your mobile device.

Both solutions enable users to attach photos to forms prior to processing.

App - Features at a glance.
  • Complete forms with keyboard or stylus
  • Use pre-populated, drop-down multiple choice menus for ease and speed
  • Part completed forms can be saved (Parked), to be finalised and sent later.
  • See the status and history of all active forms. (Sent, Parked, Pending).
  • Send via the cloud to your back- office system using WIFI or Mobile Network Connection
Digital Pen & Paper - Features at a glance.
  • Print forms directly from INKWRX, these forms can be pre-populated with data and grouped for individual users
  • Complete the form as normal using a digital pen
  • Tick pidget box when completed
  • The converted or graphical data is transmitted via a mobile phone or docked at a PC for instant integration into your back-office system.


INKWRX is... management & integration


INKWRX™ enables administrators to manage every aspect of data capture including User, Form and Device Management.

Rapidly create User accounts with individual access permissions based on job roles and create/maintain specific Groups based on user needs.

Configure workflow preferences to optionally attach a PDF of e-forms and receive / view / manage XML or CSV data files.

Build bespoke dashboards for regular reporting.

Management - Features at a glance.

User Management
You can rapidly set up accounts for your INKWRX™ users. Individual users get selective access to INKWRX™ programs using access permissions, typically based on their job role. Account administration is easy and straightforward.

Group Management
Organise your INKWRX™ users into work groups based on the applications they need to access.

Device Management
Easily create and maintain records of the devices your users need to capture and communicate mobile form data.

Form View
Locate and select individual data transactions to view or review the mobile form data. Configure your workflow preferences to optionally attach a PDF copy of the mobile form and data files in XML or CSV format.

Report Dashboard
Design and schedule regular reporting on user activity.

Data security is central to INKWRX™ solutions and our services include the ability to encrypt data and to wipe devices remotely if they are lost or stolen. For the Healthcare sector all NHS applications are sent via the IGSOC/N3 connection directly and securely into the NHS network.

Minimum Operating System Requirements

Browser compatibility
Internet Explorer 9 (or higher) or Google Chrome

Mobile OS:
Windows 8.1

Tablet OS:
Windows 8.1


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