Increase accuracy, efficiency and productivity with paperless forms

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We offer a free ‘Return on Investment Audit’ to show how INKWRX™ will benefit your organisation with paperless forms.


Free Return on Investment Audit

One of our experts will do a free return on investment audit which you can use in a  business case. We’ll look at the current true cost to your operation of capturing and processing data from the field, sending it back to base and then having re-enter it.

We’ll put a value on the savings you can make in paper, mileage and other costs. And even all that may not take into account the hidden benefits of greater data security, improved customer service and faster cash flow.

Single source paperless technology

Many of our clients have embarked on becoming Paperless – others are aiming towards a Paper-lite operation. The beauty of INKWRX is it offers the potential for both.

We believe this gives you the opportunity to integrate INKWRX exactly how you need it now… and also have the flexibility to evolve your data capture approach as your operational needs change.

Complete mobile working support service

Clients who want to unlock the significant value of INKWRX but have specific mobile working challenges can benefit from our Full Service Team.

Our dedicated team bring an extensive knowledge of many vertical markets and will work directly with key stakeholders or in association with existing IT suppliers.

Form design, training, integration and technical support are all part of the service.

To find out more email:


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INKWRX – Better for your budget

  • Eliminates postage, transport and storage costs, saving you money
  • Eliminates costs of data input from paper forms.
  • Reduces costs of accessing information on completed forms.
  • Improves accuracy of data.




INKWRX – Better for your workforce.

  • Removes the drudgery of managing paperwork.
  • No scanning, faxing or posting of completed forms.
  • Mobile staff have more time to focus on their core tasks.
  • Admin staff no longer have to work out content of damaged or spoiled forms.
  • Productivity improves on average by 20%.




INKWRX – Better for your business.

  • Data capture and input reduced from average of 10 days to 10 minutes.
  • Improves customer service and reduces disputes.
  • Enables faster invoicing and payment – Improving cash flow.
  • Cloud based solution removes the need for capital investment.




INKWRX – Better for the environment.

  • Reduces or eliminates the need for paper – saving trees.
  • Reduces or eliminates transport and postage costs – cutting carbon emissions.
  • Reduces the need for mobile workers in the field to return to base.
  • Helps organisations meet their CSR goals.


So... how much does all this cost?

You can start using INKWRX for as little as £10 per user per month*

Training is quick and simple – it only takes an hour and you can always call or email us if you need some extra help.




*Standard INKWRX pricing only, terms & conditions apply

Tony Wortley
Service & Logistics Manager,
(Global security solutions provider)

“We could see straightaway that it would dramatically cut down our engineers’ calls and free up the service desk. We get full and accurate data back from the field virtually in real time using a system that is easy to implement with almost no training.”