About Us

INKWRX™ is the product name and trading name for City Soft Ltd. Originally founded in 2002 as Destiny Wireless, INKWRX is now at the forefront of data capture solutions.


The management team has more than thirty years of experience in mobile communications, telematics and data capture technologies, with an in-depth understanding of how new technology can be deployed for greater business efficiency.

INKWRX™ Quality

Our commitment to quality throughout our processes is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification which has been held since 2006. We are also IGSOC (Information Governance Statement of Compliance) accredited which means we have met all the NHS network security criteria so we can send data via the secure N3 connection into the NHS.

INKWRX™ Product

Our web-based digital data capture platform which allows businesses to go paperless or paper-lite; capturing important business information effortlessly using tablets or digital pens.

INKWRX™ gives you total control over the in-house design of your digital forms, to manage users and the devices you use for data capture. You can review, edit and replay captured data and build custom workflows that integrate with your current systems. This innovative platform reduces paperwork delays and expensive journeys back to the office.